What Is Silk Twill? A Complete Guide Of Silk Twill

Published in May 25th, 2024 by Bush

What Is Silk Twill

Silk twill is a luxurious fabric made from 100% silk, woven in a twill pattern. With its tightly woven structure, smooth texture, and subtle sheen, silk twill is an excellent material for crafting elegant and sophisticated accessories. Designers frequently choose it for silk scarves, pajamas, pocket squares, and twilly scarves.

You Will Learn In This Guide:

Is Silk Twill Popular?

According to Google Trends, silk twill is really popular since 2011. Habotai usually made of silk and people love it.


The regular thickness of Silk Twill is 12/14/16/18 momme, and there are various fabrics of various widths to choose from. We listed some examples so you can select the correct width.


Product Width Thickness
Silk Scarf 94/114/140 cm 12/14/16/18 momme
Silk Sleepwear 140 cm 16/18 momme
Silk Scrunchies 114 cm 12/14/16 momme
Silk Eye Masks 114 cm 12/14/16 momme
Silk Twilly Scarf 94/114/140 cm 12/14 momme

Different Thicknesses Of Silk Twill

Silk twill is a type of fabric available in various thicknesses. One usually measures the thickness of silk twill in momme, a Japanese unit of weight. The most commonly used thicknesses for silk twill are 12, 14, 16, and 18 momme. The momme number indicates the weight of the silk fabric, with higher numbers indicating heavier and more durable fabric. Depending on the end-user, select the appropriate momme for the silk twill fabric.

12 Momme Silk Twill

12 momme silk twill is lightweight and perfect for creating delicate clothing such as scarves and blouses. Manufacturers recommend it for single-sided digital printing because of its excellent back permeability. However, it’s essential to carefully handle 12 momme silk twill as its thin and delicate nature makes it susceptible to tearing or breaking.

14 Momme Silk Twill

Silk scarves made from 14 momme silk twill fabric are known for their high quality and versatility. This type of fabric is ideal for both double-sided and single-sided digital prints, allowing for a range of design options. Commonly available in sizes such as 65x65cm, 90x90cm, and 110x110cm, these scarves offer ample space for expressive and intricate designs. The 14-momme silk twill fabric is notably thicker and more durable than the 12-momme variety, ensuring that the scarves are less prone to damage. Moreover, this fabric is also well-suited for creating elegant and refined pocket squares.

16 Momme Silk Twill

While suitable for double-sided printing, clients only sometimes choose the 16-momme silk twill fabric due to its similarity in pricing to the 18-momme silk twill. Most clients opt for the latter. The 16-momme silk twill fabric is well-suited for creating silk scarves and eye masks.

18 Momme Silk Twill

18 momme silk twill is a luxurious and durable fabric, perfect for creating high-end items such as jackets, pants, and upholstery. It is the fabric of choice for renowned brands like Hermès, which are known for their exquisite silk scarves. When using 18 momme silk twill for scarves, it’s essential to consider the printing method. Single-sided digital printing may result in poor back permeation, so we recommended opting for screen printing or double-sided printing to ensure the best quality.

In recent times, silk twill scarves have gained immense popularity among fashion-conscious women. Many high-end fashion brands like Hermes have incorporated silk twill scarves into their collections. These scarves are known for their intricate designs, vibrant colors, and luxurious feel. You can style these versatile accessories in different ways to elevate any outfit.

silk twill fabric

The Unique Characteristics Of Silk Twill

Silk twill is a highly sought-after fabric for its unique properties. It is known for being durable, luxurious, and having a good drape. The diagonal weave pattern creates the fabric’s distinct texture, adding dimension and interest to any garment or accessory.

The Texture

Silk twill is a type of fabric distinct from the plain and satin weave methods due to its unique twill weave on the surface. Compared with silk satin, silk twill is tougher. However, this woven method offers many benefits. For instance, silk twill displays clear and distinct patterns when printed on, making it a popular choice for creating intricate designs and patterns. Additionally, the diagonal lines created by the twill weave give silk twill a unique and luxurious appearance, which is widespread globally.

The Durability

Silk twill is a high-quality fabric known for its durability and strength. This material is excellent for creating comfortable and long-lasting pajamas and scarves. The fabric’s twill weave makes it incredibly sturdy, ensuring it can withstand daily wear and tear over the years without breaking or fraying.

Silk twill scarves and pajamas are perfect for a luxurious, comfortable clothing option that lasts long. The silk fabric is incredibly soft and comfortable against the skin, draping beautifully to create an elegant and sophisticated look.

Handling silk twill garments with utmost care is imperative to prevent damage to the fabric. UR Silk does not recommend machine washing or drying them, as this can damage the material. Instead, it is advised to opt for hand washing or dry cleaning methods to maintain the pristine condition of silk twill items for several years. Hence, diligently following the care instructions is highly recommended to enjoy the luxurious feel of silk twill for an extended period.

The Drape And Luster

Silk twill is a fabric that boasts excellent drape performance, which makes it an ideal choice for creating comfortable pajamas. Its superior drape quality ensures that it fits your body shape perfectly, providing unparalleled comfort. Additionally, the silk twill fabric has a remarkable luster, which makes it suitable for wearing during the day or night. You can confidently wear it outside as it exhibits a luxurious appearance that exudes elegance and sophistication. Whether lounging at home or stepping out for an evening event, silk twill is the perfect fabric for any occasion.

The Differences Between Silk Twill And Other Silk Fabrics

Silk Twill Vs. Silk Habotai

When choosing the suitable fabric for making scarves, it’s essential to understand the specific qualities of silk twill and silk habotai. People often prefer silk twill for square silk scarves because of their weight and subtle sheen, which adds elegance to any outfit. On the other hand, silk habotai, known for its lightweight nature and pronounced luster, is commonly used for long scarves like pashminas. One can also use silk twill to make luxurious pajamas due to their heavier and more durable nature, while typically, one does not use habotai for this purpose. You can distinguish these fabrics by their texture and visual appearance; silk twill has a more textured feel than silk habotai’s smooth surface. Whether you’re looking for weight, sheen, or texture, understanding the unique characteristics of silk twill and habotai is essential. It will help you make an informed decision when creating your next scarf.

Silk Twill Vs. Silk Charmeuse

Silk twill and silk charmeuse are highly sought-after fabrics used to create various scarves. However, they differ in terms of texture and appearance. Silk charmeuse is glossy, while silk twill is less shiny. Additionally, silk charmeuse is known for its soft and smooth texture, whereas thick silk twill, such as 16 or 18 momme, is more resilient. Despite its toughness, silk twill, especially the 18 momme variety with double-sided print, is preferred for making silk scarves, as evidenced by Hermes’ choice.

Silk Twill Vs. Polyester Twill

Both of these fabrics are twill woven. Silk twill is made from 100% mulberry silk, while polyester twill is made from 100% polyester. They have significant differences in terms of how they feel to the touch. It’s important not to rely solely on the weaving method when distinguishing between the two. It’s recommended to physically feel the fabric yourself or follow this guide to help you accurately identify real silk.


Silk twill is an exquisite fabric celebrated for its graceful drape and stunning luster, effortlessly elevating the allure of any attire. Its exceptional quality offers versatility, suitable for both eveningwear and outerwear, making it an ideal selection for any event. Wearing garments crafted from silk twill is bound to leave a memorable impact, as the fabric’s inherent radiance emanates a classic sophistication that stands the test of time, ensuring its enduring charm. By selecting a reputable silk supplier, you can enjoy the beauty of silk twill for many years to come. Embrace the timeless elegance of silk twill and make every occasion special!

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