What Is A Twilly Scarf? How To Wear A Twilly Scarf In 2024

Twilly scarf is a scarf with a print on both sides and a narrow width (4-8 cm). Twillies also called neck scarves, are usually made of silk. It can be used as a very fashionable accessory to decorate your outfit. The colorful silk scarf is often worn in the hair, on the head, or around the neck, or used as a handle on a bag, worn through belt loops as a waist decoration, or even in place of a shoelace.

The better you use a twilly scarf, the more you turn heads on the road, making you the most fashionable person on the street!

You Will Learn In This Guide:

History Of Twilly

The history of the Twilly scarf dates back to the late 1930s when the French luxury fashion house Hermès introduced this fashion accessory." "Twilly" is derived from the word "twill," which at the time referred to the weaving technique used to create soft fabrics.

Originally, Twilly was designed as a simple silk ribbon because it offered a variety of looks that could be worn together. Over the decades, people have come to love twilly scarves so much that they have become an essential accessory because they can easily be worn with any outfit.

Hermes has been promoting Twilly for a long time, and Hermes twillies are handcrafted and luxuriously designed. Nowadays, Hermès has become synonymous with the Twilly scarf: when people mention Twilly, the first brand that comes to mind is Hermès.

Although it began as a simple silk ribbon, Twilly has transcended its original conception and has become an essential silk accessory in every fashion star's closet. Today, these same celebrities constantly explore ways to incorporate Twilly into their new ensembles and looks. From accenting the neck to adorning a handbag to tying around the wrist or even as a hair accessory, the Twilly continues to captivate fashion enthusiasts around the globe.

How is the twilly scarf different from square scarf and shawls?

Squares and shawls are two other common types of scarves you'll hear more about in the fashion world and magazines.

Read on to learn more about these terms and how they relate to the twilly scarf.

Twilly Scarf vs. Square Scarf

The square scarf is ubiquitous in life. It can be a bandana made of cotton or a silk scarf made of silk. They come in a wide range of sizes, from pocket square (30x30 cm) to wide square scarf (140x140 cm). Square scarves are usually hand-rolled or machine-rolled.

However, twilly scarves are usually silk and rarely cotton or polyester. Twilly scarves are traditionally in the form of long, thin strips made of hand-crafted double layers.

Simply put, the difference between a square scarf and a twilly scarf is:

  • Size
  • Choice of fabric
  • Hemming method

Twilly Scarf vs. Shawl

A shawl is essential in daily life, especially in the cold winter months. A thick shawl will keep you from being affected by the cold wind. Long scarves are usually made of wool or cashmere, and some people use shawls made of chiffon in the fall. Most shawls have a tassel or Fringe to add style to the shawl. Most shawls are large, from 40x170 cm to 80x200 cm.

The size of the twilly scarf is smaller. Generally speaking, the twilly scarf is in the shape of a long, thin strip with a width of no more than 10 cm. Women can use twilly scarves all year round, and they like to wear a twilly scarf around their necks in the summer and the fall as an accessory to make themselves more fashionable!

To summarize, the difference between a twilly scarf and the shawl is:

  • Season of use
  • Size
  • Choice of fabrics

Why You Should Wear A Twilly Scarf?

In past years, many superstars have been advocates of silk scarves. Elizabeth Taylor, Grace Kelly, Marilyn Monroe, etc., all loved silk scarves. And today, the silk twilly scarf still needs to be present. Its low-key and subtle presence can make the whole set Look more highlighted, release the endless charm of women, and let people see the surprise.

With urbanization and digitalization in developing economies, customers' lifestyles have changed dramatically over the past decade. The middle class is more open to spending on fashionable clothing and personal grooming products.

In 2022, the global apparel market revenue reached $1.53 trillion. And this figure will grow by more than 25% by 2027. Nearly a quarter of total e-commerce sales in the U.S. in 2022 will come from accessories.

Therefore, a scarf is a part of your accessories; you should wear a personalized and unique silk scarf to keep your poise and follow the fashion trends.


Types Of Twilly Scarves

The twilly scarf generally comes in two styles:

  • Rectangle end
  • Triangle end

Different ends have different styles and can be used to create additional fashion items. The same is valid for rectangle and triangle ends, usually silk.

Rectangle End


The rectangular end of the twilly scarf indicates that its side is at a 90° angle.

The rectangle twilly scarf is usually worn around the neck and is used to match fashionable outfits.

We usually use silk Crepe De Chine or silk Twill as the rectangle twilly scarf fabric.

The rectangular neck scarf is usually long, between 120 and 160 centimeters. This length is suitable to be worn around the neck and draped over the chest.

Triangle End


The triangle-end twilly scarf generally has sharp corners at the ends. Most twilly scarves, like Hermes and Dior's twilly scarves, are designed with pointed corners. High-end luxury brand neck scarves usually choose heavy 18 momme silk twill as the fabric, reflecting this twilly scarf's value.

For those on a budget, 14 momme silk twill or 16 momme silk satin is also an excellent choice to keep the style while lowering the budget.

How to tie a twilly scarf?

There are as many ways to tie Twilly as there are designs. Our guide to Twilly covers just a few of them, but they will hopefully spark your imagination! Generally, twilly scarves are worn in many ways, including:

  • Neck accessories
  • Wrist ties
  • Hair ties
  • Tying for Bags

Neck scarves are versatile and fashionable. You can wear a twilly scarf all year round!

Neck Ties


The twilly scarf as a necktie is the most common way to use a neck scarf. Women use the twilly scarf around the neck, then tie it in a knot or drape it over the chest. You see through the following steps:

  1. Tie a knot in the center (you can tie it loosely)
  2. Place the twilly scarf in a circle around the neck and place the ends on the chest.
  3. Thread each end of the twilly scarf through the previously tied knot.
  4. Now you get a simple bow tie

Or you can tie a twilly scarf with this simple tie:

  1. Hang the twilly scarf around your neck, with the left and right ends on your chest (you don't need to wrap it around your neck).
  2. Using a silk scarf clasp, pass it through the ends of the twilly scarf and move it up to just below the neckline.
  3. Tie the left and right ends in a knot around the neck.

Once you've done the above, you'll get a unique necktie!

Wrist Ties

A twilly scarf is also an excellent choice for your wrist. You can use a twilly scarf to tie a knot around your wrist, and then you will have a unique and stylish piece.

You can tie the twilly scarf in a bow around the handle or wrap the entire handle in a scarf. Simply knot one end of the scarf at one end of the handle, wrap the scarf around the length of the handle to show off the scarf's design, and then knot it at the other end.

Hair Ties


You can also use twilly scarves as hair ties, and gorgeous prints on scarves can add style to your hair. By braiding with your hair, you can get a twisted braid. You can use a twilly scarf to tie up your hair in the shower to avoid getting wet.

As Hair Ties, a twilly scarf is very easy to use; make a loop around your forehead and tie a knot at the back of your head for a very cool headband.

The silk twilly scarf can also protect your hair, reduce moisture loss, and minimize frizz.

Tying for Bags

The easiest and most stylish way to use a twilly scarf when you use it on your bag is to wrap this luxurious item around the handle of your bag. There are many ways to tie a nice twilly on a purse, we listed 6 ways:

  1. The Classic Wrap
  2. The Classic Wrap with a Bow
  3. The Causal Knot
  4. The Camellia (rosette/ flower)
  5. The Double Bow
  6. The Twilly Chain

You can Also check the video below to learn how to wrap a scarf on a purse.

You need to tie the twilly scarf in a knot at one end of the handle and the other to get a one-of-a-kind bag!

Where to buy a twilly scarf?

You can buy a silk twilly scarf inside the following way:.

  • Luxury boutiques: Dior or Hermes.
  • Local shop
  • Online Shop

Buy In Luxury boutiques: Dior or Hermes

If you have enough money to invest in your beauty, the best way is to walk into a Hermes or Dior boutique and pick out a luxurious twilly scarf. You can find a twilly in the boutique that is your style!

The Hermès Twilly is the most popular of all Hermès accessories.The Twilly is a Hermès scarf made of luxurious 18 momme silk twill and the size is 32 inches x 2 inches.

Typically, a Hermès twilly sells for around $200 and a Dior twilly for around $250.

You can also check out the latest twilly styles at the Hermès online store or the Dior online store.

Local Shop

Everyone loves Hermes twillies, but the price of the twillymay not be affordable, so this is the time for you to go to your local clothing store and buy a silk twilly scarf.

Some of the local clothing stores are also selling twilly scarf, which, as a clothing accessory, has an essential place in clothing stores. Prices of neck scarves in local clothing stores are much cheaper than those of luxury brand neck scarves, usually less than 50 dollars.

Online Shop

Shopping for Twilly scarves in online stores is also a great option. Unlike regular offline stores, some online stores support customization services where you can customize the pattern you want on the twilly scarf.

In UR Silk's custom twilly scarf program, they can print your desired pattern, art, design, photo, etc., on silk fabric and make it into a twilly scarf. These twilly scarves can help you start your business, expand your brand, and give as gifts to your friends and family! You can start ordering now!


Bottom Line: The twilly scarf is a fashionable accessory worn on the wrist, around the neck, in the hair, or in a bag. Twilly scarves generally come in various patterns, and there are different ways to get your Twilly scarf.


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