How To Wash Silk Scarf In 6 Easy Steps

Published in March 22nd, 2024 by Bush

What do you do when you accidentally stain your scarf? Don't worry, you can clean up the stains on your scarf with a simple hand wash.

I've used this washing method on a dozen silk scarves (I wear different designs daily), and none of the scarves are damaged.

Cleaning a silk scarf is not as complicated as you think. If your silk scarf does not have a washing label, put it in the basin, turn on the tap, pour the silk detergent, soak it for a few minutes, and then wash it by hand. The purpose of cleaning a silk scarf is to remove oil stains, dust, and any other dirt from the surface of the scarf.

The Most Common Silk Scarf Washing Method:

  1. Place the scarf in cold water: Place it in the basin and turn on the tap (cold water) until completely submerged.
  2. Pour detergent: Pour silk detergent and gently stir the water so that the detergent makes bubbles.
    Please note: Not all detergents can be used for silk scarves; you should buy silk detergents to prevent damage.
  3. Leave to soak: Let the detergent work for 3-5 minutes after forming bubbles.
  4. Hand wash: Gently wash the scarf with your hands and rub it several times on the dirty area, and ensure that the stain is completely removed
  5. Remove excess water: You can soak up excess water by placing your scarf between two dry towels. Do not wring out the scarf, as this will damage the silk fibers
  6. Drying: You should dry the silk scarf in a cool place; do not hang on a hanger, do not use a dryer, and avoid direct sunlight.

Washing Method Of Dark Silk Scarf

Due to the active ink used for printing silk scarves, dark silk scarves may fade after washing – this is normal. At this time, you need to reduce the time spent soaking and the force of washing to ensure the luster of the silk scarf is as good as possible.

Washing Method Of White Silk Scarf

The oil stains on white scarves are the most difficult to clean. You need to choose a suitable detergent. You can try Studio by Tide Delicates (at least I used them well)


Tips For Washing A Hermes Scarf

Because Hermes scarves are expensive, UR Silk does not recommend cleaning your scarf by simply washing it by hand. You can send it to your local dry cleaner. Most dry cleaners will remove the stain without getting dark - I mean most dry cleaners. Generally, the dry cleaning cost of a silk scarf is around $30.

Additional cleaning and care tips

  • Silk scarves can remove wrinkles by ironing them
    Please note: The iron setting must be "low". High temperatures may cause the silk to melt.
  • Do not use chlorine bleach. The acid will damage the silk scarf.
  • Do not machine wash. The washing machine can not wash silk. Gentle washing can help your scarves last longer.
  • The water temperature can not be too high; silk is a pure natural fabric, and high temperature will destroy it.
  • Silk itself is tough (apart from the fear of heat); the main point is to maintain the shine of the scarf; after all, you only want to wear a shiny silk scarf.
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