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Scarves are playing an essential role in the fashion world. But many people still need clarification about the scarf types. They always can’t figure out the differences between each style of scarf. The scarves can be distinguished by size and materials.

There are 12 types of scarves: Rectangle scarf, Square Scarf, Twilly Scarf or Neck Scarf, Infinity Scarf, Bandana, Shawl or Wrap Scarf or Pashmina, Triangle Scarf, Snood, Silk Scarf, Wool Scarf, Cotton Scarf and Imitated Silk Scarf (Polyester Scarf)

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Scarf Style - Type Of Scarf Shape

Rectangle Scarf

Rectangular scarves can vary in length. They typically range from short rectangle scarves (50 in / 140 cm) to long scarves (80 in / 203 cm).

The width of Rectangle scarves can also vary, from narrow (16 in / 40 cm) to wide (39 in / 100 cm).

This style of scarf is lovely to wear, especially in cold winter. You can wear the scarf over your shoulders like a shawl and never feel cold outside.


Square Scarf

It is expected to use a square scarf as a hair accessory. You can find multiple sizes in the shop. The square scarf in small size, also called a “pocket square,” is an excellent choice In the realm of men's fashion.

Since the 70s retro style started in 2022 and 2023, you must have seen a lot of curiosities who would choose a slight color-printed silk scarf to tie around their necks and pair it with simple knits, t-shirts, and shirts to accent the look. This small square scarf is often used "as a collar, necklace decoration" role from the style point of view. It always adds a touch of cuteness and playfulness and is very suitable for girls who want to match the sense of sophistication. Simply tying a bow feels a little sweet; the triangle tie method has a few hippie and handsome.


Twilly Scarf or Neck Scarf

The hot skinny scarf is the rectangle and square scarf upgrade model these years. The warmth of neck scarves may not have too much effect; they are used to do extension, high, highlighting the style, but they are excellent.

Summer can be used with shoulder off, T-shirts, shirts,......, and various large necklines. These single products to do the inner lap can also be matched in winter.

The neck scarf can also be matched with the bag to become a unique decoration on your bag.

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Infinity Scarf

An infinity scarf is a warm ornament in the form of a ring around the neck, usually used in cold seasons. It can be worn directly around the neck.

A common way to wrap an infinity scarf is to put it around your neck and then wrap it around your neck. These soft scarves come in light and heavy versions and are often worn with jackets and coats.

An infinity scarf looks like a large circle. You can combine the ends of a long scarf to make your pullover scarf.



The existence of the Bandana scarf dates back to the ancient Roman-Greek era. It evolved from the Sanskrit word "badhnati", meaning binding. It later became the Portuguese word "bandannoe", which eventually evolved into "Bandana," meaning "large printed handkerchief."

However, unlike handkerchiefs made of cotton, bandanas are usually made of linen.


Shawl or Wrap Scarf or Pashmina

Wrap scarves, shawls, or Pashminas are made from wool or cashmere and are known for their softness and warmth.

You can drape shawls over your shoulders and then drape one of the ends of the scarf over your other shoulder.


Triangle Scarf

Triangle scarves are usually made of silk or cotton and are used around the head and knotted at the back of the head. A versatile accessory with endless styling, the Triangle Scarf is a canvas waiting for your creativity. Meticulously crafted, the Custom Triangle Scarf symbolizes individuality, allowing you to make a statement with every drape.

The Triangle Scarf extends its appeal into the world of pet fashion. Yes, your furry friend can now join the ranks of edgy fashion with a stylish dog scarf or cat scarf that ensures they are both comfortable and stylish every season.



A snood is a large, turtleneck-like scarf, similar to an infinity scarf. It can be worn around the neck or even as a head covering.

Although scarves come in many patterns, they are simple to wear.

In cold, inclement weather, most people wear them as outerwear with coats to protect their necks, ears, and heads. You slip the snood over your head and wear it around your neck.


Scarf Material - Type of Fabrics

Silk Scarf

Due to the silk scarf's unique moisture absorption and breathability, it also regulates body temperature and moisture.

For some girls who get allergic, silk scarves make their skin more comfortable.

Silk scarf has a better hand feeling. Wearing a silk scarf will make the whole person more elegant.

However, silk scarves are fragile and must be washed and cared for carefully.

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Wool Scarf

Wool scarf is made of wool, which has a good warming effect. Wool has excellent thermal and heat insulation, effectively blocking the intrusion of cold outside air, thus providing a warm and comfortable wearing experience. Therefore, whether outdoors or indoors, wool scarves can effectively keep your body warm and make you feel warm company in winter.

The wool fibers of the wool scarf are soft, long, smooth, and flat, which will not irritate the skin and provide a very comfortable wearing experience. Due to the smooth surface of wool fibers, the wool scarf is not only soft but also has a perfect sense of skin; not only does it not let people have a sense of pressure, but it also can follow the curve of the skin, so you feel more comfortable wearing experience.

Wool scarf wool fibers have good respiratory properties, compared with cotton fabrics, have better ventilation, can effectively absorb the body surface moist sweat, and keep the skin dry and comfortable. Therefore, even under intense exercise and high-intensity activities, wool scarves can keep you dry and comfortable.
Wool is a natural moisture-absorbent material, and the scale structure on its surface can help absorb and release a large amount of moisture and water vapor, thus keeping the scarf continuously dry and not damp. In addition, wool will not have a foul odor after prolonged use, which can better ensure a good wearing experience.

Wool scarves have outstanding durability and wear resistance. Due to the natural properties of wool fibers, they are not easy to wear and tear and shed or damage during daily wear and use. Therefore, wool scarves can provide users a longer and more practical wearing experience.


Cotton Scarf

The cotton scarf has a porous, elastic high advantage, between the fibers can accumulate a large amount of air, has a good moisturizing properties, wearing a cotton scarf makes people feel warm.

Below 110 ℃, the cotton scarf will only cause water evaporation on the fabric, so cotton fabrics at room temperature, improve the cotton fabrics washable and wearable performance.

However, most cotton scarves are rough, so it is not the best choice for wearing them as accessories.


Imitated Silk Scarf (Polyester Scarf)

The Polyester Scarf is a cost-effective and versatile accessory. Carefully designed to mimic the luxurious feel of silk, the polyester scarf will be the perfect choice for a customized scarf if you don't have the budget.

Polyester scarves have a soft texture, often mistaken for pure silk, enhancing the wearing experience. The beauty of this scarf is its ability to give you a silky touch like silk at an affordable price. For those seeking comfort and style, this faux silk scarf is the perfect blend of affordability and comfort.

Polyester Twill and Polyester Satin are the two most common fabrics used for polyester scarves, and although the feel is a little less than silk, UR Silk can offer them for as low as $2.95 each.


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