What Is The Best Silk Scarf Size? A Complete Guide For Silk Scarf Sizes

Published in 20th May, 2024 by Bush

Do you need help deciding the right size for your silk scarves? You've come to the right place. We'll discuss nearly all the silk scarf sizes available on the market, ranging from 30x30 cm (pocket square) to 140x140 cm (sarong) or 65x200 cm, ensuring you find the perfect fit.

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Square Scarf Sizes


The smallest size of scarf available is a 30x30 cm scarf, which is known for its versatility. This compact accessory can serve multiple purposes, such as being used as a pocket square to add a touch of elegance to an outfit or even as a makeshift tissue when needed. It is commonly made from luxurious silk twill or soft cotton, ensuring a comfortable and gentle feel against the skin.

You can wear the 30x30cm silk scarf as a bracelet or tie around your wrist. Anything you do will cool you off and make your outfit more fashionable!! It can also be neatly folded as a pocket square, making your handsome suits complete!

You can tie it around your head as a headband for multiple purposes!

30x30cm scarf
30x30 cm pocket square


The 55x55 cm scarf size is incredibly versatile and a popular choice, especially during the spring season. Its compact dimensions make it perfect for various styling options to elevate your outfit. You can elegantly drape it around your neck to complement a casual T-shirt look effortlessly. For a different style, you can tie it around your wrist to add a chic accessory or add flair to your bag by tying it to the handles. This small-sized silk scarf is a versatile and sophisticated addition that can enhance any desired look.

Additionally, people commonly use this particular size for bandanas. While cotton remains the most common material for bandanas, styling them well can still turn them into fashionable accessories.

55x55cm scarf
55x55cm pocket square


The 70x70 cm size of the scarf is popular worldwide; famous brands such as Hermes love to choose this size as a "bandana scarf." Usually, flight attendants wear scarves that are this size as a part of the female flight attendant uniform.

A 70x70cm head scarf can be worn all year round. It is suitable for everyday use, office parties, weddings, shopping, traveling, ceremonies, and important events. The square scarf is the perfect accessory for every woman, regardless of age or style.

70x70cm scarf
60x60cm bandana


The 90x90cm scarf is the best size for silk scarves. It can be styled in various ways, as you will discover. Be creative with this large square - You can use it as a neck scarf, head wrap, or even a belt for your outfit. Here is another way to style your masterful significance: fold it into a triangle, wrap it around your neck, and wear it as a neck scarf. Don't be boring - tie up your hair with this square as a head wrap, or use it as a belt around your outfit. This square scarf is oversized and can complement your outfit.

Hermes and Gucci silk scarves use this size as their popular size. A 90cm square scarf is a large scarf to which you can add designs—every detail will be shown perfectly. This essential accessory complements any outfit. You can style it as a neck scarf or a head scarf. The 90x90 cm scarf is suitable for all seasons and gift ideas for the holiday season and special occasions.

90x90cm scarf
90x90cm neck scarf


The 110x110cm silk scarf offers perfect ample coverage and versatility. You can use it as a full shawl, delivering a luxurious, wrapped-up experience. Alternatively, you can transform it into a chic sarong suitable for beachwear or an eye-catching fashion statement highlighting your style.

Crafters typically make the 110x110 cm silk scarf from high-quality silk chiffon, silk charmeuse, or silk habotai. These light and delicate fabrics give the silk scarf its smooth texture, making it perfect for wearing as a sarong.

For maximum coverage and warmth, drape it over your shoulders and back as you wear it like a shawl. Tie it around your waist as a fashionable sarong, or boldly fold it and drape it over your neck to make a confident and stylish statement!

110x110cm silk scarf
a man is wearing a 110x110cm silk scarf


The 140x140cm is effortlessly the largest square size for silk scarves. This scarf comes in silk charmeuse, silk twill, or silk Crepe De Chine. These scarves are typically lightweight and smooth to the touch. They can feature various designs, from classic solid colors to intricate patterns and prints inspired by nature, art, or cultural motifs. The silk material gives the scarf a beautiful sheen and lets it catch the light.

a man is hanging a 140x140cm scarf
a man is wearing a 140x140cm scarf

Rectangle Scarf Sizes

Their varying sizes make rectangle scarves popular because you can style them in many ways based on their dimensions.


The versatile 65x200cm silk scarf is a fashionable accessory and an ideal size for use as a sarong. These scarves can be crafted from various materials, including silk charmeuse, rayon, silk and cotton blend, or linen, giving you options to suit your preferences.

This generous size allows you to wear the scarf in multiple ways. You can drape it around your neck for a stylish look or use it as a belt to add flair to your outfit. Additionally, the scarf is perfect for keeping your neck warm during winter.

The 65x200cm scarf truly offers style and functionality, making it a valuable addition to your wardrobe.

65x200cm silk scarf
a man is wearing a 65200cm scarf

Twilly Scarf


The 5*85 cm twilly scarves, also known as short twillies, are highly coveted and versatile fashion accessories, particularly favored by women. Their compact size makes them perfect for a variety of uses, including wearing them in the hair or adorning bag handles. Thanks to their shorter length, they are straightforward to style. They can be effortlessly incorporated into any outfit all year round, making them a versatile accessory for all seasons.

Hermes further validates the popularity of the 5*85cm twilly scarves, as they also offer this size as part of their twilly scarf collection. Despite their narrow width, you can customize these scarves with unique designs, and most of them come as double layers, allowing for adding different designs on each side. This introduces an extra dimension of creativity and individuality to these stylish accessories.


Unlike shorter twillies, you can wrap the more extended version multiple times. Unlike shorter twillies, the 9*120cm twilly scarves can be wrapped multiple times around the neck to create a stylish layered look. Its extra length provides:

  • More fabric choices to work with, such as silk Crepe De Chine and Rayon.
  • Allowing for various knotting techniques and styles.
  • Giving you the ability to create different looks with the same scarf.

Additionally, the longer twilly can be tied as a headband or used as a hair accessory more efficiently, adding a touch of elegance to any hairstyle. Moreover, it can also be worn as a slim belt or sash around the waist to accentuate your outfit.

Overall, the longer twilly scarf offers more versatility in styling options, making it a versatile and essential accessory for any wardrobe.

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