Custom Silk Scarf

  • Direct Factory

  • 30+ Types of Fabrics Options

  • OEKO Standard 100 / SGS / INTERTEK Certified

  • Quality Guaranteed

Why Choose UR Silk Custom Silk scarves?

  • No Minimum Orders, Wholesale discounts available

  • Direct Factory with Competitive Price:

    custom silk scarf begins at 6.95 USD/SCARF

    imitated silk scarf begins at 2.95 USD/SCARF

  • Custom printed scarf available in sizes you want

  • Edge-to-edge printing, based on your design

  • Customizable labels & less-plastic packages are available

  • Quality Guaranteed, if you are not satisfied with the custom design silk scarf, refund or redo, with no questions

Let us help your small business grow!
  • No Minimum, Easy to start
  • Drop-shipping is Available with no Storage Cost
  • Start With Little Money. You Won't Go Broke by starting a business

How To Get A Custom Silk Scarf?



  • Custom Scarf Fabrics

  • Customized Scarf Size

  • Printing Way

  • Hemming Way


Send Inquiry

Send Inquiry to

Our Service Team Will Respond within 48 Hours.


Get Price & Sample

Get a Competitive Price From UR Silk And Check Sample Scarf Quality


Mass Production

Get Your Custom Scarves within 20 Days. Ship by FedEx, DHL, and UPS.

The Style & Size For Personalized Silk Scarf

Square Scarf
Triangle Scarf
Infinity Scarf
Dog/Cat Scarf
S: 50x34x34cm
L: 68x48x48cm

Fabric for Custom Scarf


Silk Satin

  • Thickness: 12/14/16/19/22 Momme (What is Momme?)

  • Fabric Width: 94cm/114cm/140cm (37"/45"/55")

  • Hand-Feeling: Silk satin, or silk charmeuse, is a smooth, shiny, densely woven fabric with a glossy satin texture on the front and a matte texture on the back. Silk satin has a pleasing drape, soft hand feels, smooth surface, wrinkle resistance, and durability. However, silk satin also has disadvantages; its shrinkage rate is relatively high, and the gloss will not be so shiny after washing. It is mainly used in pillowcases, scrunchies, headbands, and scarves.


Silk Twill

  • Thickness: 12/14/16/18 Momme (What is Momme?)

  • Fabric Width: 94cm/114cm/140cm (37"/45"/55")

  • Hand-Feeling: Silk twill is 100% silk and manufactured in a uniform twill or wales weave. Silk twill may vary in hand feels, from soft and drapey to heavy. Printing on silk twill is a great option to show a bright and clean picture. That's why Hermès chooses heavy silk twill as the fabric for silk scarves.


Silk Crepe De Chine

  • Thickness: 12/14/16 Momme (What is Momme?)

  • Fabric Width: 114cm/140cm (45"/55")

  • Hand-Feeling: Silk crepe de chine is a crepe-like silk fabric. During weaving, the silk is woven with highly twisted yarns, so the surface of the fabric is slightly uneven after being printed. Silk crepe de chine has a lightweight, dense, breathable, and anti-wrinkle performance, which makes it relaxed and comfortable to wear. Silk CDC is used for evening or bridal dresses, scrunchies, shawls, and scarves.


Silk Chiffon

  • Thickness: 8/10 Momme (What is Momme?)

  • Fabric Width: Fabric Width: 114cm/140cm (45"/55")

  • Hand-Feeling: Silk chiffon is a dignified, semi-transparent fabric with a gauze-like texture. Chiffon has the features of lightness, softness, and brightness. Silk chiffon is widely used for bridesmaids' covers and scarves; it is also a popular fabric for painting or dyeing.


Silk Habotai

  • Thickness: 8 Momme (What is Momme?)

  • Fabric Width: Fabric Width: 114cm/140cm (45"/55")

  • Hand-Feeling: Silk habotai is a thin fabric whose surface is crepe-free and light. Two sides of the silk habotai are the same: no strong reflection, just a faint hazy luster, a little like the luster of silk satin. The shrinkage rate is around 5% — the silk habotai suits make linings, worship flags, and scarves.


Silk Georgette

  • Thickness: 8/10 Momme (What is Momme?)

  • Fabric Width: Fabric Width: 114cm/140cm (45"/55")

  • Hand-Feeling: Silk georgette is a crepe-style fabric with a semi-sheer appearance and a matte finish. The silk surface is densely covered with some tiny holes. The texture is light and thin, elegant and transparent, soft to the touch, and breathable. The shrinkage rate is generally 10 to 12%. It is widely used in evening dresses, scarves, and headwraps.


Silk stretch satin

  • Thickness: 16/19 Momme (What is Momme?)

  • Fabric Width: Fabric Width: 114cm/140cm (45"/55")

  • Hand-Feeling: Silk stretch satin is perfect for pajamas, robes, and dresses. It is a smooth, shiny, densely woven fabric with a glossy satin texture on the front and a matte texture on the back. Silk satin has a pleasing drape, soft hand feels, a smooth surface, wrinkle resistance, and, what's essential, stretchability. However, silk stretch satin also has weaknesses; its shrinkage rate is relatively high, and the gloss will not be so shiny after machine washing.

Mulberry Silk Fabrics

Silk Satin
100% Silk
Silk Twill
100% Silk
Silk Georgette
100% Silk
Silk Habotai
100% Silk
Silk Chiffon
100% Silk
Silk CDC
100% Silk

Polyester Fabrics

Polyester Chiffon
100% Polyester
Polyester Satin
100% Polyester
Polyester Twill
100% Polyester
Polyester Matte Satin
100% Polyester

Other Fabrics


30% Silk & 70 Cotton
30% Silk&70% Linen
100% Cotton
100% Linen

The Printing Technical

Single-Sided digital print

No Minimum, Low Cost, High Quality

Regular digital printing is printing digital-based images directly onto silk, which allows the printing any complex artwork or pictures.

Regular digital print needs short production time; samples take about 7-10 days, and mass production takes about 15-20 days.

The disadvantage of digital print is the penetration; inks can’t penetrate through well, backside color can only reach 50-60% of the front.

Double-Sided digital print

No Minimum, Sustainability, Simplify

Double-sided digital printing is an upgrade to regular digital printing, allowing artwork to be printed on both sides of the fabric.

Double-sided digital printing perfectly solves the ink penetration problem. Two sides can show the same or different patterns, two scarves in one.

Its disadvantage is that the production time is longer, and the price is higher higher than regular digital printing.

Custom Scarves For Double-Sided Digital Print

Screen print

Cheaper, But High MOQ

The main advantage of screen print is the vivid results it creates on both sides.

For screen printing, the penetration can be better than regular digital printing; it is the traditional printing famous brands choose, like Hermes.

Screen Printing is versatile, durable, and vibrant, especially with lower prices in large quantities.

The disadvantage is that screen printing requires at least 150 pieces for each color, with a screen cost of 40 USD for each color.

Heat Transfer print

Polyester Only, No Minimum

Heat transfer printing can only be applied to polyester fabrics, replacing digital direct printing because digital direct printing uses reactive dyes, which have poor color fastness on polyester fabrics.

The advantage of heat transfer printing is that it is much cheaper and more efficient. The ink permeability of the heat transfer printing is the worst, which means that the back color of the fabric is worse than that of other printing, and if used on thicker polyester fabrics, the backside is white.

Hemming Way For Custom Scarf

Machine Straight Hem
Machine Zig-Zag Hem
custom silk scarf with logo and handrolled heming
Hand-Rolled Hem
Overlock Hem

Labels & Hangtags For Custom Scarf

Packages For Custom Printed Scarf

UR Silk
Could Provide:
Less Plastic
Various Options
Environmentally Friendly

How Fast I can Get My Custom Scarf?



Design You Want To Print

Custom Scarf Details


Get Quotes

Less Than 24 Hours


Sample Production

About 3-7 Days


Sample Shipment

Shipment Takes About 5-7 Days

Sample Could Be Confirmed By Photos


Mass Production

About 15-20 Days

Faster If It Is A Hurry Order


Products Shipment

About 5-7 Days

Send By FedEx /DHL/UPS

Total Takes About 15 - 40 Days

UR Silk Custom Scarf Customers

Our clients are all over the world and trusted by thousands of customers. Customize your scarves today!

Now It's Time To get Your Dream Scarf!

More Details About Custom Silk Scarf

Design Your Custom Silk Scarf In Over 50 fabrics. Personalized Silk Scarves With No Minimum Available At UR Silk. Also, Wholesale Custom Printed Silk Scarves Have A Discounted Price! You DEFINITLY want to check our FREE Samples!

Fabrics Of Custom Scarves

In UR Silk, we can offer More than 50 kinds of fabrics to print. Choose from pure silk satin, silk twill, silk chiffon, silk georgette, silk habotai, silk & cotton, silk & linen, silk & Tencel, rayon, linen, cotton or wool fabrics. Our customer likes to use 14 momme silk twill, 18 momme silk twill, 12 momme silk satin ,and 16 momme silk satin for customized silk scarves. And they love to use cotton, silk & linen for custom bandanas. Mulberry Silk fabrics have excellent dyeing properties and are famous worldwide and commonly used by luxury designer brands.

Sizes Of Custom Scarf

UR Silk offers a range of standard sizes for custom silk scarves. From regular square scarves to triangle scarves, even custom scarves for dogs and cats, we can accommodate them if you have specific size requirements; we can do any size you like.

Requirements For Upload Printing Image

UR Silk accepts PDF, JPG, JPEG, PNG, AI, CDR, and PSD files. Please send us the clearest files in Minimum 300 dpi. If you have higher-quality graphics, it will result in better production quality. UR Silk can signal the Confidential Agreement to ensure your designs are safe. Please ensure that the images you sent are comply with copyright laws.

Edges Of Custom Scarfs

UR Silk can provide six different hemming ways for personalized silk scarves. We recommend customers choose hand-rolled hem for Your Luxury Personalized Silk scarves.

Hand-rolled edges, or "roulotté," are a delicate technique for luxury brands like Hermès. Designers leave approximately 1.5 cm(0.6 in) of extra fabric at the bleeding, then hand-roll it. The hand-rolled scarves crafted by experienced workers ensure that each piece is a work of art.

UR Silk offers over 90-color threads for the hand-rolled edges, allowing customers to choose their preferred option. Usually, we will use cables based on printed artwork scarves.

Minimum Order Quantity

As a direct factory of personalized silk scarf, UR Silk doesn't have any MOQ (Custom silk scarf no minimum)

UR Silk, a manufacturer of luxury silk scarves, has cooperated with many artists, designers, and brands, having extensive manufacturing experience.

If you require our silk scarf design services or any further assistance, please don't hesitate to contact us at

Frequent Questions About Custom Printed Scarves

How can I send the files?

We suggest using WeTransfer or Google Drive to transfer the files to

Or you can directly send them to

Please let us know when you send them.

Can I order a custom printed scarf with my design to sample?

Yes, UR Silk can offer a sample scarf for your further review. Click here to order your sample scarf.

How long will the sample or bulk production last?

The average time for a sample printed scarf is about 7-15 days according to different printing and 15-25 days for the bulk printed scarves.

Can I get custom scarves printed on both sides?

Yes, double-sided printing machines can print the same or different patterns on two sides of the fabric.

Is there any minimum order for my custom printing scarf?

All custom print scarves have no minimum, so you don’t have to place any orders until you get your first sale. With no MOQ (minimum order quantity), you have more resources to put into marketing your store.

What is your return policy on rejected/faulty scarves?

Before shipping the scarves, our Quality-Check team will check every scarf, but defective scarves may still exist; if you find any defective scarves, they can be refunded or reprinted. Please contact us if you receive defective scarves.

Do you offer a dropshipping service?

Yes, if you are an online store owner, we can pack each scarf, including your company info, and directly ship them to most countries only if you can provide the shipping address, recipients, and phone number. Also, we will deal with the changing or refunding. Don't hesitate to get in touch with us for more information.

How is it work if I have no designs?

If you have no designs, please let us know your ideas. Which kinds of designs do you like? We have thousands of designs for you to choose from. also, UR Silk can use Midjourney AI to create designs based on your ideas.

Can I send you the CMYK or RGB color number to match the color?

CMYK or RGB colors only exist on screen and can’t be used as a reference, while using Pantone Codes can work.

Get A Free Sample Now!

(12 customer reviews)


If you are ready to get your perfect custom silk scarf, you can choose the sample scarf pack or the free sample pack.

The price for a sample scarf pack is 35 USD.

Also, You can choose our Free Sample Pack. The Free Sample Pack Will include:

Fabric Samples (Includes The Fabrics You Want To Touch)

A Company Handbook

You Can Learn More About Sample Packs Here.

12 reviews for Custom Silk Scarf

  1. Dianne Atkinson

    Good fabric, clear print, neat hem, good job

  2. Dan H

    I have purchased for many times. My customers like my artworks and your silk scarf quality, will cooperate for a long time, thank you

  3. Shaista Ali

    Beautiful neckwear addition to my wardrobe. Have worn it twice since I received it. Fine fabric and fine print. Love it!

  4. Simmo

    Perfecto! I treated myself to your beautiful silk scarves. I love your work. Thank you so much. Caitlyn!

  5. Daria B

    The quality is very good. The color is slightly darker than expected because of the fabric but overall very happy with the product!

  6. Emily Parnassus

    The print came out perfect. Everyone loved these – big hit

  7. Richad Nguyen

    I’m in love with our custom silk satin scarves! We used these as a company gift, Everyone received their scarves and were beyond excited! Thank you!!

  8. Gabe Ray

    This is the first time I have ordered scarves, also I am new to this product and not sure how to start. Their staff gave detailed guidance and advice. I really appreciate that!

  9. Vida Zoe Salino

    I had a wonderful experience with Custom Silk Scarves. Their customer service was excellent, and they were responsive throughout the process. The scarf turned out beautifully, and I couldn’t be happier with it!

  10. Olivia Helene

    Great mock up, my designs come alive!

  11. Sachin Tiwari

    Bush is very patient and accommodating. Very pleasant to talk to and share ideas..Items has arrived, they are so pretty! Very Very happy with my personalised brand scarf

  12. Kevin Ducan

    Excellent! Fast TAT with perfect quality!

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