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How You Can Use Polyester Scarves?


Take your marketing plan to the next level.


Make your mark in the retail world creating your poly scarf line.


Brand your company, events, school, or other gifts.


Award the competition winners with your custom-branded prize.

Cheap! Cheap! And Cheap!
We Are The Direct Factory

Cheap! Cheap! And Cheap!
- We Are The Direct Factory

Our workshop is nestled in the bustling city of Hangzhou, China. Our executive team takes pride in making regular visits to ensure that each of our custom-designed polyester scarves meets our stringent quality standards.

We collaborate closely with talented designers, emerging brands, and Women-Owned Businesses, offering a seamless experience. Our polyester scarves are available with no minimum order quantity, making it easy for you to embark on your scarf venture without a hefty initial investment.

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3 Easy Steps To Get Your Personalized Scarf

Get A Quote

Contact Us and tell us about the scarf you need.

Get The Sample

If our quote fits your budget, send the pattern and place the sample order to get started!

Production & Delivery

You approve the production sample and we ship!

Please Include The Scarf Details when you send the quote:

  • The scarf Size
  • The polyester fabric type
  • The Quantity

We will offer the best price and wholesale discount available in UR Silk.

Looking to Order Just One?

If you would like to order less than 20 polyester scarves of the same design, please contact us. We do not set a minimum order quantity; all quantities are accepted.

PLEASE NOTE: We will give a wholesale discount for orders of more than 20 polyester scarves of the same design.

Polyester Fabric Types

When it comes to choosing a fabric for your print, various options are available, such as polyester satin, polyester chiffon, satin chiffon, poly voile, or matte satin.

Understanding the differences between these fabrics is essential to making an informed decision. Learning about their unique features and characteristics allows you to select the fabric that best suits your needs and preferences.
polyester satin scarf fabric

Polyester Satin

Satin is a shiny polyester fabric that's perfect for creating elegant and cost-effective scarves. Prices start at $1.99. It's a top choice for scarves in both personal and professional settings.
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polyester chiffon scarf fabric

Polyester Chiffon

We at UR Silk are passionate about crafting the softest scarves! We use only the highest quality polyester chiffon, perfect for long scarves and starting at just $2.15. Trust us to keep you stylish and cozy.
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polyerster twill scarf fabric

Polyester Twill

Are you looking for luxurious scarves like Hermes but on a budget? UR Silk has got you covered with our high-quality polyester twill scarves. Expertly woven in twill, our scarves are the perfect choice for you. Upgrade your style today!
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We Focus On Details

Precision and attention often determine the quality of a product to detail.

In contrast to other manufacturers whose products exhibit uneven edges and inferior quality.

UR Silk produces each scarf meticulously printed, hand-cut, and sewn by skilled tradespeople utilizing state-of-the-art finishing machinery.
Other Factory
UR Silk Poly Scarf
Some Of Our Cooperate Brands
UR Silk has provided high-quality polyester scarves to numerous well-known brands, including Walmart, UPS, SONY, and COCA-COLA.
Our primary focus is on delivering exceptional products to our clients, and our track record of excellence has earned their trust. You can also rely on our expertise and quality standards, as demonstrated by our long-standing relationships with these reputable companies.
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Custom Cases - Trusted By Thousands Of Customers
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Custom Poly Scarf Manufacturer

UR Silk is an expert in designing and manufacturing branded imitated silk scarves. Whether square poly scarves or long scarves, we can quickly fulfill every order you place.

Whether it's fashion week or an online store, our scarves will make your brand stand out, and our cost-effective polyester scarves won't disappoint you - we work with some of the world's leading brands and are trusted to do so.

We offer high-quality products and professional service. There is no MOQ on any of the scarf sizes. Delivery times can be as short as 48 hours. Our team of experts will work with you to help you create and design shiny, durable, and unique polyester scarf.

8 reasons to choose UR Silk Customized Poly Scarf

Our scarves have quality guaranteed that they won’t let you down.
We have more than 10 years experience in the scarf industry, we know exactly what we’re doing.
With the family-owned factory in China, we’ve got a model of scarves to suit your all requirements.
Our dedicated service team is here to assist you every step of the way. Have special requests? We're here to help.
Various Of Polyester Fabrics Available In UR Silk
Your Strict Deadline Is Ours. Quickly Fulfill Orders. As Fast As 48 Hours
We keep your designs safe by signing confidential.
We can ship to multiple addresses and anywhere in the world.

Original price was: $25.00.Current price is: $20.00.

Polyester scarves are affordable, versatile, durable, and easy to maintain. They come in different colors and designs, making them a practical and budget-friendly choice for corporate branding, promotional campaigns, or special events. They also make a great gift for clients or employees.

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