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Samples are an excellent way to understand the product's hand feels, quality, and production process; thus, we fully understand your need for samples before you order from us. Whether you want to test the quality of UR Silk scarves, pillowcases, and any other silk accessories or feel the properties of the fabric, we can cover all your needs.

Get started to get samples

In UR Silk, we have 2 types of samples, Choose one you want

Available Fabric Swatches Pack (Free)

  • The sample can be a complete or A4 cut-size sample

  • can check the quality of printing and the feeling of the fabric

  • Free Sample, but has shipping cost ($10-15)

  • Fast delivery (processing time within 72 hours)

What's Included:

Here's what's included and excluded in an Available Fabric Swatches Pack:

  • Fabric Samples (includes the fabrics you want to touch)

  • a Corporate Brochure


Pre-Production Sample Pack

  • can check the quality of the products printed on your artwork

  • the Sample Pack may include sample swatches

  • Sample Cost depends on the products you want

  • Sample cost can be returned if the order is more extensive than 500 pieces

  • has shipping cost, depends on quantity

  • Sample production time: 7-15 days

What's Included:

Here's what's included and excluded in a Pre-Production Sample Pack:

  • Custom Size/Custom Fabric/Custom Printing Technical/Custom Edges Sample

  • Fabric sample swatches

  • Add Ons (Labels, Hangtags, etc.)

  • Box Packaging (If needed)

  • a Corporate Brochure

*Noted: The Box packaging and Add Ons are excluded from the sample cost

*Please note:
Preparing all fabric samples for every customer is impossible. If you require samples, write to us first with your approximate product requirements and the budget so we can send you suitable samples.

Revisions & Redesigns

Before you order a pre-production sample, please double-check the details of your artwork. Changes in scope after the sample has been produced will have additional costs.

Revisions (No Additional cost)

  • The color doesn’t match the designs
  • Size is Not Right
  • Quality Problem (stains, holes...)

Redesigns (Need Additional cost)

  • Change fabric
  • Change size
  • Change the artwork/design/idea

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