Which products can I customize in UR Silk?

UR Silk is a professional silk products manufacturer; you can customize any silk-related products in UR Silk; if you are interested in silk products, please read this article, and we will introduce you to the common and can accept customized silk products. Stay tuned!

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Brief Overview of UR Silk

Founded in 2011, UR Silk is a company that specializes in manufacturing and crafting silk products.UR Silk is committed to helping small entrepreneurs. There is no minimum order for most of the products, and all of the products offer competitive pricing to make your business easier!

Hot Custom Products For Accessories

Custom Scarves

Custom scarves are the most common products that UR Silk can customize, and we offer a wide range of custom scarf options, including fabrics, printing techniques, types of edges, and various kinds of packaging.

Customers can personalize scarves, including custom silk scarves, neckerchiefs, soccer scarves, and bandanas. Send us a design, and we can make your design perfect for the scarf. Whether it's a drawing you've made, a school logo, or a memorable photo, UR Silk can show it off with a simple customized scarf.

Custom Silk Scarves

Custom silk scarves are one of the leading products of UR Silk, which is recognized worldwide for providing high-quality silk scarves. We exported the most customized silk scarves to Australia, the USA, Canada, the UK, France, and Italy. Meanwhile, we also exported some silk scarves to Poland, New Zealand, and Mexico markets.


Custom Soccer Scarf

UR Silk has passionate soccer supporters as employees. That's why we understand the elements of high-quality fan gear and why we're the world's leading provider of customized sports scarves. UR Silk's service team will work with you to create a unique custom scarf design that your team can be proud of.

Because the competition is on schedule, UR Silk prioritizes production speed to get the soccer scarf on the field in time for the competition, and UR Silk boasts the fastest delivery times in our industry. They are designed and manufactured in as little as 7 days. You can expect all orders to be delivered on time or ahead of schedule.


Custom Neckerchiefs

Customized neckerchiefs are an affordable and fast way to make a professional impression on your customers.UR Silk is a leading provider of custom embroidered and printed neckerchiefs.

We aim to provide your troop, crew, hotel, or event with the best neckerchiefs on the market. Choose your favorite color for the background, and UR Silk can embroider your logo on these perfect neckerchiefs. We have over 90 colors to choose from, or you can choose to customize the colors just for you. We aim to dye unlimited colors and create beautiful scarves with unique patterns that you and your team can wear confidently.

The best customer service, ideal quality, and competitive prices are our pride. We use cotton, polyester, polyester-cotton, and other high-quality fabrics to make your designs stand out perfectly.


Custom Bandanas

Customized bandanas can meet the needs of any market you want, and UR Silk can provide affordable, top-quality bandanas.

UR Silk is guaranteed to impact your target demographic, whether it's for small business marketing or global corporate branding.

Customized bandanas, known as "original headbands," are low-cost marketing products, usually made of cotton or polyester, that are versatile and fashionable accessories.

UR Silk is a top producer of customized bandanas. For the past 13 years, advanced printing technology and skilled crimpers have ensured the quality of all customized bandanas.


Custom Twilly Scarves

Twillys are a great way to show off your personality and style. Twilly scarf sizes are typically 2x32 inches, making them a small but mighty accessory. Twilly scarves are often made of silk, you can stay cool and stylish even in the warmest months.

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Custom Scrunchies

Custom scrunchies can be used to tie your hair and as a fashion accessory on your wrist. Create printed scrunchies using your colors, logo, or mascot. Our personalized scrunchies are made of polyester satin or mulberry silk material with full-color sublimation designs added to grab everyone's attention. They're a great way to promote your hair salon, products, clothing brand, and more.


Custom Headbands

Upload your logo, enter your text, and pair it with the perfect quality UR Silk offers to create your headband.

Our custom headbands are beautifully made from mulberry silk. These are a must-have for startups, fitness studios (yoga, pilates), sports teams, non-profits, fundraisers and schools. Remember to check out our custom hair bands!


Custom Bonnets

If you don't want to get your hair wet in the shower, then a customized silk nightcap will be your best choice.UR Silk uses 6A silk to pamper your hair. You can print your favorite pattern or photo on the personalized nightcap. This bonnets can also protect your hair at night and reduce frizz!

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Popular Customized Products For Home

Custom Pillowcases

People who have used silk will feel that silk is soft and smooth, like a baby's skin paste, which is a gentle touch that cotton and other pillowcase materials can not have.

We sleep 7-8 hours a night; some people will sleep longer, so the pillowcase must be good quality. Why not have a spa tonight?

UR Silk can provide customized pillowcases with your favorite photo or name embroidered/printed on the pillowcase. Please be assured that the ink used for the print does not damage the skin. On the contrary, sleeping on a silk pillow will improve sleep quality and protect your hair.


Custom Sleepwear

Are you dressing monotonously at home? Why not try silk pajamas? We run around every day, come home after a hard day's work, and change into light, soft, and skin-friendly smooth silk pajamas at the end of the night, without words, as if getting enough comfort and hints, with customized patterns, the time for relaxation has come.

UR Silk also wants to support every small business owner; thus, custom pajamas, robes, and dresses do not have any MOQ. You can design your sleepwear now!


Custom Blankets

Spring is coming, so picking a suitable quilt is difficult - cotton blankets are warm but rough, and polyester blankets are cheap but have static electricity and are prone to a stuffy feeling. A silk blanket is undoubtedly the most fashionable item in spring. The cover blanket combines the smoothness of silk and the warmth of the filling with the characteristics of a blanket that is not prone to skin irritation so that you can spend every night.

UR Silk offers customized silk blankets. We print your favorite pattern or design on top of the blankets to make your blankets unique!

Customer Reviews And Testimonials for Customized Products in UR Silk

Professional service and perfect quality always bring many five-star reviews from our customers. You can see what customers say about our products on our homepage and product pages.

UR Silk has more than 3,000 customers all over the world. Here are some of the testimonials:

As a boutique owner, I always seek unique and customizable products to offer my customers. UR Silk's custom scarves have been a game-changer for my store. The ability to design bespoke scarves with our brand logo and colors has allowed us to create exclusive merchandise that sets us apart. The quality of the silk is exceptional, and our customers love the personalized touch. UR Silk is now our go-to partner for custom silk accessories! 

——Olivia Thompson

Running a design studio means finding suppliers who understand and appreciate creativity. UR Silk has been instrumental in helping us bring our design concepts to life. The custom scarves we've ordered for promotional events have been met with enthusiasm from our clients. The print quality, coupled with the luxurious feel of the silk, truly reflects the craftsmanship UR Silk puts into its products. It's a pleasure working with a company that values the uniqueness of each design.

——Ethan Chambers


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